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It all started with a fascination. A fascination that created a passion and a dream. A dream that led to the idea of jusq’a. A place to share passion with everyone of you. A space where we can share our individual passions, interests, creativity, to get inspired by others and to inspire. A space for all of us to celebrate and share love. A space for us to create beautiful shared memories. 


My vision was being able to share my personal passion, designs, creations, or let's say a big part of my spirit with all kinds of humans. I wanted to create a space that would allow me to design, develop and share all my current and upcoming interests within one label with you, for you, and for us.

That's how jusq’a was created. A place for you, me, and us. 

jusq’a logo JAPAN RED

our latest update

I am happy to introduce you to OUR new menu. It contains carefully created and selected coffee & tea creations. Also, don’t forget to taste our homemade TREATS. It took us quite a while to get the perfect consistency and aroma combinations and let us tell you we don’t understate when we tell you that our TREATS are a true delight for your taste buds. We can‘t wait for you to enjoy YOUR MOMENT 4.0 with us. 

Let’s create memories together.

matcha latte by jusq‘a
TREATS by jusq‘a

„SWEET HULK“ matcha X coffee

Dany Affolter by jusq‘a
Inspired by jusq‘a

first collection in 2021 „inspired by“ TOKYO edition

„have fun“ by jusq‘a

second collection in 2022 „have fun“ TAKOYAKI edition

“share love” collection band
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