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Photography by jusq’a
Inspiration by jusq’a
Photography by jusq’a
Jusq’a logo Bern Switzerland
Free minded galaxy by jusq‘a

Welcome to

The idea of ​​founding a brand came up in spring 2018. The concept was to create an organically growing, small world.
A world in the center of which is honest beauty, conscious moments and craftsmanship.

On every journey there are countless possibilities for how the journey in question can develop. The more conscious we are in the here and now, the closer we are to ourselves.

jusq’a logo JAPAN RED
jusq’a logo JAPAN RED
Inspired by jusq‘a

first collection in 2021 „inspired by“ TOKYO edition

Pure & free minded session

„have fun“ by jusq‘a
Welcome to another galaxy by jusq‘a

Welcome to another galaxy

          is about the real and honest moment. I'm very honest with you. The jusq'a is my home, everything you see, touch, smell, feel comes from my inner self.
I run the flagship store with respect and mindfulness and these two values ​​are extremely important to me that you also carry them with you brings.

Everyone is welcome, old or young, Tall or short. Let yourself drift and enjoy the moments by

As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, I'm not keen on doing the same things at the same time every day, week, and month. It should be organic and genuine. When I stand in jusq'a, I give everything I have, energy is drive, energy is creativity, energy is love. These must be honored and respected. Sometimes i need to recharge to performe on the level i like to take care of you.

I look forward to many more creations and collections. I look forward to all your lovely visits from all over the world. Thank you for your fascination, your openness and enthusiasm. Thank you for your dedication and respect for my craft.

“Let’s create memories together”

Dany Affolter

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