Our home base for having a good cup of coffee or tea.

We offer several types of coffees and brew methods.


All our coffees are roasted in Bern by AROMAWERK. Along with every blend and single origin that is being carefully selected and created.  We love the process of a product, everyday we're learning something new and we want to express our knowledge and passion through our beverages.

We are also very proud to be able to serve you great cups of tea in collaboration with Länggass-Tee, our partner, who has 36 years of tea experience.


We're happy to be a part of that.


All our espresso based coffees are being brewed with our Spirit by Kees van der Westen.

The «SPIRIT» was built with a single goal in mind: a machine that delivers extreme pre-cision no matter what you throw at it.

Combinig the hyper-precise qualities of the «SPEEDSTER» with an extreme power, the «SPIRIT» does exactly that - and more.

«our side-note»

Let's be honest, it's way more fun to work with beautiful things.


This signature beverage is made with our flagship blend, in combination with slightly steamed organic milk, you'll get a smooth, tasty and good looking cup of coffee.


This signature beverage is based on our "jusq'a latte" turned into a iced version. Chocolate coffee notes, combined with fresh and cold organic milk.


Sometimes we all need to go "all the way". There you go!


One of our flagship store specials

inspired by my journey in Japan | maccha meets coffee.


Our black beauty gets its darkness from activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon or coconut ash. It’s a potent detox-ifier, which has also helped activated charcoal attract an ardent following among the crunchy juice-cleanse types, who claim that the supplement can do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning. We extract a shot of our home-blend espresso in it, add some organic vanilla powder and mix it up with creamy steamed milk. There you go!


We love filter coffee! We love to try out new methods, recipes and varieties. We're always try to get better in what we do. Our menu for our special coffees will change weekly. We're happy to serve you two different hand-brew coffees for our flagship store.


We're not just fully into coffee. Our heart beats also for teas and maccha. We have a very nice chosen variation of Japanese and Chinese teas. Take our hand into a new tea experience, you will love it!


It's such an honor to be able to share our passion we have for coffee and our products with you.