flagship store by jusq’a

Our home base for having a good cup of coffee, tea or supply yourself with our goods.


we celebrate coffee, tea and our goods in our flagship store.

Everyone is warmly welcome to join us.

We offer several types of coffees and teas with individual brew methods and different backgrounds.


On the one hand, we offer our "selection coffees" from our "italian shot" to our direct trade coffees from the volcanic area "Boquette" in Panama.


On the other hand, we are looking for various "guest roasters" from around the world to expand our horizons with their creations.


Another part of our daily enjoyment is dedicated to teas.

The variety of the tea plant is a world of its own.

We specialize mainly in japanese - and chinese teas.

flagship store


We are very proud of this menu. We put a lot of time, passion and love into these creations. All "signatures" can be enjoyed warm or cold.

Come on the journey and let yourself be carried away by taste, texture and aesthetics.


jusq'a latte

without hesitation this signature is our top seller

This signature beverage is made with our “flagship blend” 

in combination with slightly steamed organic milk, you'll get a smooth, tasty and good looking cup of coffee.

jusq’a latte

showdown latte

Sometimes we all need to go "all the way". Well, there you go!

showdown latte

sweet hulk

inspired by my journey in Japan | maccha meets coffee.

He is definitely one of our "most sellers" and most handsome eyecatchers in our line-up.

He's not for everyone, he's the Hulk.

The combination of maccha, white chocolate, milk and coffee

will definitely give you a unique taste experience.

sweet hulk

hand brew

We love filter coffee! We love to try out new methods, recipes and varieties. We're always try to get better in what we do. Our menu for our special coffees will change weekly. Ask our team for daily filter coffees and let us inspire you.

hand brew

venom latte

Our black beauty gets its darkness from activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon or coconut ash. It’s a potent detox-ifier, which has also helped activated charcoal attract an ardent following among the crunchy juice-cleanse types, who claim that the supplement can do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning. We extract a shot of our

“flagship blend” in it, add some organic vanilla powder and mix it up with creamy steamed milk

Don’t forget to check your lips and tooth before leaving.

venom latte


We're not just fully into coffee.

Our heart beats for tea and maccha too.

We have a very nice chosen variation of japanese and chinese teas. Take our hand into a new experience, you will love it!


jusq'a community

It's such an honor to be able to share our passion we have for what we do and our products with you.