salmon bash by jusqa


with this collection, named “inspired by” I want to create a combination of inspiration and its implementation. Various sources of inspiration that I have encountered on my travels and which I have consciously and unconsciously absorbed. We constantly encounter new things, new places, and new people. Our daily life is shaped by a wide variety of influences. It is these influences that create a whole.


Fortunately, I have the privilege of exploring new places and trying to understand and absorb the resulting moments.

Through this collection, I want to implement special places and moments and share them with you in a variety of ways.


I'm really looking forward to this work and look forward to everyone who will walk this path with me.

"because we like you wearing us"

Since we launched jusq'a, we knew we also want to be flexible to create different things with our label.

Even before we started, we had a lot of different ideas and wishes to create with jusq'a.


It's a philosophy, it's a way of life, it's stands for the best possible and damn we love to create new things.


So it goes hand in hand we might release some very nice goods, time by time.

We hope you will love our products like we do.

salmon bash by jusqa

available now

”salmon bash”

salmon bash osaka tee

available now

"inspired by” part II

OSAKA, Japan

new colleciton by jusq’a

released in March 21

"inspired by” part I

TOKYO, Japan