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jusq'a comes from the French word «jusqu'à».

To live in the moment is an overused phrase. Everyone seems to use it. No one seems to take it seriously. We're not talking about being irresponsible or foolish. We're talking about not to take every moment for granted. 


We all do hear from others, that life is tough and hard. This might be true, but what are we gonna do with it?


I had my struggles finding my way. We all got an imagination of «living life» through society, but do we ever question this way of living? 


Who am I? What kind of life do I want to live?


I’m still reflecting these two questions. I don’t share the opinion that we will be able to answer them completely, simply because we don't have to. We need to see life as a process, but for now, I found answers that I'm profoundly pursuing...


  • I want to live a simple life, by reducing all unnecessary things and focus on inspirational experiences. 

  • I want to appreciate each day, be able to get up healthy and do what I love to do.


My first contact with coffee was when I was 24 – and to be quite honest, it was not because I liked the taste. It was because of those beautiful and shiny coffee machines. I started reading books about coffee and these gorgeous machines, I bought and old Pavoni hand lever machine and had plenty of sleepless nights, before I was able to extract that perfect «tiger eyed» espresso.


A couples thousand coffee shots later, I decided to quit my job as an architect and focused my whole energy on coffee. 


By focusing our energy, we are able to go big. In 2018, I was ready to name my company «jusq’a». 


To be able to create the best coffee possible, there are many factors coming with it: to train everyday, to look for direct traded coffee, to be a part of roasting processes and to keep being up-to-date to be able to serve an experience to our customers, every day, every coffee without an exception. A tasty, raw material fair and damn good looking product.

...but jusq‘a wasn‘t created as a lifestyle only brand and to just offer good coffee. One of the main reasons why we launched it, is because coffee is one of the most common raw material in our world. There are many various ways and different cultures that show how to enjoy coffee. For the most part, it‘s a hot brewed coffein kick that we „need“, to get our daily energy. This might be a good reason but coffee is so much more. With jusq‘a we want to celebrate coffee. We want to give you a deeper view in the product itself. We‘re dealing with questions like what coffee is, where it comes from, what steps a coffee bean needs to go through, to be finally able to get it in our cup and become a delicious dark drink. In general, we need to step up our game in awareness of daily consumption. With jusq‘a we focus on coffee and hope that we might inspire you.


jusq’a just started, our mission is to grow across unique lands and cultures of our world. And we hope you'll be a part of our journey.


Together, we can shape the present and make the most fantastic time out of it.


To now – jusq'a