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3 years Flagship Store by jusq‘a | 4.5 years jusq‘a

Hey, you! How are you?

Let us share something with you. On Monday 19th September 2022 we celebrated the third anniversary of our flagship store in Berne.

Three years full of joy, passion, love, sweat, tears, frustration, memories, creativity, inspiration, and shared moments. I think we both could go on and on and on about how we experienced the last three years.

But let me tell you together we created something special.

Something that I always dreamed of and will always keep on chasing. We created a place for coffee lovers, for people who rather drink tea, for the next-door neighbors, the teacher, the tourist, the dog owner, the student, the fashion-lover, the bon vivant, the parents, the children, the newly-weds, the sad, the creative, the footballer, the inspired, the car owner, the skater…

We together managed to create a place for you and me. A space where you can enjoy a beverage or a treat and just be yourself. To let your mind rest or your ideas flow. To get inspired or inspire others. To talk about life or to not say anything at all. To recover or to get fueled. To come and sit for hours or to step in to get something to go.

We love all of you individuals with your personal needs and wishes. Every and each one of you has an impact on our place and makes this the place that we call - jusq’a.

We also just launched our new ‚have fun‘ collection. To remind you and all the people around you to just have fun in life and everything you do. Sounds simple right? maybe even too easy? Don’t forget to share love and have fun.


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