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Go boys♥️

Behind every product, behind every food, every drink, every service or company, it is the people behind it who make it what it is. Heart and soul, passion and sweat. Believe in what you do. Reflect and keep developing. Approach ideas and wishes, try to implement them. Allow mistakes, admit mistakes and learn from them. It is the depth of a topic that always fascinates me and that can go on forever. It is this depth and the resulting focus that gives doing its meaning.

After a good three years now, this week i'm not behind the machine for the first time. These two good souls, Timo and Luca, will rock our flagship store this week and take care of you. A big and very important step. I am really happy about the enormous motivation and passion of the two boys. Thank you Timo, thank you Luca, enjoy it to the fullest and I look forward to your stories.



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that's one small step for man, one giant step for Jusq’a! 🎊🎈

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