„inspired by“ part I | TOKYO

with this collection, named “inspired by” I want to create a combination of inspiration and its implementation. Various sources of inspiration that I have encountered on my travels and which I have consciously and unconsciously absorbed. We constantly encounter new things, new places, and new people. Our daily life is shaped by a wide variety of influences. It is these influences that create a whole.
Fortunately, I have the privilege of exploring new places and trying to understand and absorb the resulting moments.
Through this collection, I want to implement special places and moments and share them with you in a variety of ways.
I took this photo on my trip to Japan, to be more precise, in Tokyo. We strolled through the impressive surroundings and suddenly saw this entrance. This facade affected me. Without knowing what to expect inside, we went in and found a small traditional sushi local. We took a seat and let us on a journey through the sushi master. It wasn't just the exceptional food. It was the way he celebrated his skill and calm. The focus on that one thing. The decades of passion and the perfect devotion can strengthen every day. The creation of a place where a tangible inspiration can be absorbed and given to the visitors as lasting events

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