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Looking back on the past three years in which jusq’a was created and has been able to develop and develop steadily ever since, we feel a widespread warmth in our hearts. Almost exactly at this time in 2018, it was my wish to build something in which I can live out my daily joy and passion and to be able to share them in different ways and through different “products” with all those who want it. My goal was never to be the "best" or to make the "best" coffee or tea. It's all relative. It doesn't make your day any better or worse. My vision goes in a different direction and to create a space detached from the place, in which we can do what we do from the bottom of our hearts and with the same joy as the day before and this before, and that with all of you, who want to be part of it in their own way.

In this case, the coffee or tea is our connecting piece, is and should certainly be and remain a part of the whole. The sharing of common joys and moments of happiness, or simply silence while preparing and enjoying a coffee and its conscious enjoyment. There are so many things that we cannot haptically feel, but which are around us and within us. Each of you brings with you a part that is evolving into an ever growing whole. It is unbelievably beautiful to see the diversity of our shop. We would like to say thank you for this. We look forward to going new ways with you and celebrating daily life together.

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