Hōjicha d'Uji - powder - 'Kōbashi' 香ばし 50gr.
Roasted green tea powder. Grade: ‘Marble’

Obtained from tea 100% native to Uji (Yamashiro region), roasted twice at high temperature (“double roast”).

Sublime roasting aroma, cultivating its difference from that of coffee. Good balance between bitterness, sweetness, and umami.

Powder perfect for making Hojicha tea latte, just like in our cafes. 
Ideal for cooking. The choice of baristas and pastry chefs, professionals and amateurs.

Preparation: whisk in a bowl with a little water using the chasen or a small whisk, then add to your preparation.

suggestions: hōjicha latte nutritious drink in hōjicha macaroons • chocolate cake & hōjicha • madeleine or hōjicha cookies dessert Hōjicha flan.

Hojicha powder isdifficult to produce and making it a rare product 

cultivar: Yabukita

Origin: Uji, Japan

Hōjicha d'Uji - powder - 'Kōbashi' 香ばし 50gr.