Kaga Bo Hōjicha 'Kikusui' 菊水 de Kanazawa


Roasted stems and veins tea. Made up of very tender parts. Natural fragrance of flowers. Sweetness. Very nice roasting aroma, notably more powerful than the majority of hōjicha. Contains very little theine (caffeine).


our brewing advise

ratio: 2.5g tea / 100g water

water temperature: 80-85 degrees (we recommend using bottled still water, our go to is water from north Italy)

first infuse 1:45min (poured out) / second infuse 1:30 min (poured out)



Ingredients: green tea

Cultivar: Yabukita

Region: Kanazawa

Steaming: Roasted

Kaga Bo Hōjicha 'Kikusui' 菊水 de Kanazawa