subminimal „NanoFoamer“
The housing and switch have been designed to be waterproof for complete peace of mind when washing the Nanofoamer. 

The 5mm diameter (0.2") stainless steel shaft ensures the NanoFoamer has a controlled and sturdy rotation and will operate wobble-free for years to come.

Two different nano-screens are included with the NanoFoamer. These create slightly different textured milk. Note that the NanoFoamer can also be used without a screen to create normal foam or for mixing drinks.

High speed and high torque electric motor delivers the performance required for creating silky smooth microfoam. 

The protective case keeps the shaft, impeller, and nano-screen protected inside your kitchen drawer or during transport. The case is also seep enough to hold the additional nano-screen.

Keep your NanoFoamer within reach with the self adhesive wall mount stand. Apply the stand to a wall near your coffee machine or even on the side of the machine.

The NanoFoamer requires two AA batteries. We recommend eneloop or enr

NanoFoamer is protected by multiple patents, ensuring our research and labor creating this project is protected. Accept no imitations. NanoFoamer is made from FDA & CE compliant food grade materials.

subminimal „NanoFoamer“